Many argue that women have the more difficult job on Valentine’s Day. This is because there are many websites dedicated to finding the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for your wife or girlfriend but there are considerably less resources dedicated to helping a woman to find a great Valentine’s Day gift for her husband. This can make shopping for your husband very difficult. However, this article will hopefully provide a few ideas for women who are looking for the perfect gift to give their husbands on Valentine’s Day. My husband is a very practical guy so my suggestions in this area are geared more towards the sensible side verses the romantic side.

Sporting Gifts for Valentine’s Day

If your husband is like mine, ESPN and the NFL Network runs almost 24/7 in our household. If he’s home, its’ on! A great Valentine’s Day gift suggest for the sports fanatic would be game tickets or a piece of memorabilia for his favorite team. If he is into hunting or fishing, consider buying him something related to his hobby such as a new fishing reel or camouflage gear. He has probably mentioned something he would really love to have in a conversation somewhere down the line.

Men Love Gadgets

My husband is not only a sports fanatic but an electronic gadget and tool freak as well. Tool chests, pressure washers and specialty wrenches are merely a few of Valentine’s Day gifts that have graced our garage over the years. As for the house, everything from IPod docking stations to sound systems for his television and computer have crossed our threshold over the years on Valentine’s Day. This year my husband has expressed an interest in a wireless internet adapter for his DVR. This allows the DVR to connect to our wireless home network. Translation: he will be able to control his programming remotely from anywhere that has internet access i.e. from his Blackberry or computer at work. It also opens up access to an almost unfathomable selection of  movie and TV show databases.

Don’t Underestimate the Power of a Romantic Home-Cooked Dinner

Most women cook every night so they wouldn’t consider cooking dinner as a Valentine’s Day gift because they think it is too ordinary. However, by making few changes by creating an elegant menu and serving dinner by candlelight, it can transform everyday dinners into an excellent gift idea. You will definitely spend more time preparing the meal than you would with a normal dinner but its’ definitely worth the effort. There are cookbooks on the market that specialize in recipes for Valentine’s Day menus. In regards to my male, my own experience has shown me over the years that men love beef. If I’m planning on giving him this type of gift I bypass my regular grocery store and head to the specialty market for a hand Black Angus Filet or Strip. The result? A very happy husband who is very receptive to my needs if you know what I mean!

Even if You Always Do His Clothes Shopping 

My husband rarely shops for himself except in the case of buying his shoes and the occasional suit or sports jacket. If I wasn’t here, his work and casual wardrobe would probably be rather pathetic. Over the years and through much experimentation, we’ve come to a general consensus as to what his style is and the brands that hold up well with the least amount of ironing maintenance. As a result, he looks pretty sharp. After all, the way he presents himself to the outside world is a direct reflection of me, correct? If I’m considering clothing as a Valentine’s Day gift for him, I’ll usually look at a beautiful lightweight cashmere sweater in a subtle but vibrant color. By this time of year, the subdued colors of winter have grown old and I’m thinking of springtime. Another great idea I’ve relied on time and time again is a nice golf shirt. Even though he isn’t a golfer, a beautiful, well-made golf shirt in a tone that compliments his skin is always a home run. I stay with the upper-end brands because you always get what you pay for.

Final Thoughts For Valentine’s Day

A final gift consideration is a gift certificate for a professional massage. Men often give these types of gifts to women but women typically don’t give these types of gifts to men. Men enjoy being pampered just as much as women do. On the downside, once he’s had one by a professional, you may find your backrub techniques subject to critique. However, I’ve looked at this as an opportunity to perfect my own skills. Consider going ahead and making the appointment for him as well. If he’s never had a professional massage before, he may be apprehensive about it. By making the appointment yourself, you have a bit of insurance that he won’t “accidentally forget” about his gift certificate. In fact you can capitalize on this idea by booking a couples’ massage. He can’t forget about showing up for his appointment and you get a relaxing, therapeutic massage in the process. This may sound like a strange idea but I assure you that once he’s had one, you’ll be hearing comments like, “When do you think we could….” Or “I know what we could do this weekend….”. Trust me on this one.

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