Writing is a beautiful thing. Through words we are able to express ourselves and share our passions with the world. It is through writing that we are able to share a glimpse of our inner world with another person. This said, having good quality tools can really improve your game. The right notebook can put you in a trance of wanting to create something. The right pen can inspire you to want to use it. Give the right tools to a bright mind and magic will happen.

From Another Time

Moleskine NotebookThe black softcover notebooks were very popular in 19th and 20th century Europe. They used to be handmade by small business French bookbinders and were considered to be prominent creative tools for avante-garde artists and writers. Noted users of the little black notebook included: Oscar Wilde, Pablo Picasso, Vincent Van Gogh, Ernest Hemingway, Henri Matisse and many others. In 1986 Bruce Chatwin wrote The Songlines, a novel about an owner of the original stationary shop that supplied the little black book. He referred to it as the Moleskine.

Moleskine Softcover CollectionIn 1997 “Moleskine” was trademarked by Modo & Modo a company based in Milan, with the decision to bring back the magic of the legendary notebooks. Today, Moleskine notebooks come in many different shapes and sizes. They are used by notable authors and can be custom ordered as well. For many, writing in a Moleskine notebook is like turning back pages of time. The very idea that a person you’ve looked up to used a notebook just like yours, inspires you; and makes you want to create something absolutely wonderful.

But the beauty isn’t just in inspiration that the little black book provides, it also rests in its quality. Moleskine notebooks are known for their quality. They are made with acid free paper and so can be preserved for a very long time without the worry that the paper will show signs of age. Moleskine notebooks are bound either in coated paper cardboard (hard cover) or imitation leather (soft cover).  The notebook comes with an elastic band to hold it closed and an expandable pocket inside the rear cover. The pages are sewn to the spine with great care and it is this feature that allows the notebook to lie flat when opened. The paper is light cream in colour, there is a ribbon for a bookmark and the notebook is packed in a paper banderole.

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