Find any person on the street and ask them what kind of gift they would like to receive: a gift card, money or a very well thought through gift which a person spent a lot of time researching about taking into consideration your passions and interests. It will most definitely be the latter of the three.

Gifts are symbols of our affection and gratitude towards another person. It is often through gift giving that we enlighten our relationships with care and love.  It does not have to be a material object, however. It is enough to present an idea, something that represents your thoughtfulness towards the other person.

A study from the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology has shown how gift givers like to think that spending larger amounts of money on gifts comes across as more thoughtful and considerate. This explains why every year we spend more than $30 billion in retail stores just in the month of December. However, the same theory is not commonly shared with the “gift receivers”. More money really does not buy you more love.

You can do a little psychological experiment, yourself even. Imagine you are shopping for your loved one, and you would like to buy a beautiful golden chain necklace. Your intuition tells you right away that your loved one will appreciate it more if it was a more expensive necklace. Don’t deny it, it is true. Now image you were receiving a gold necklace from your loved one, would you appreciate it that much more if it cost $250 instead of $200? No, you wouldn’t. Alas, even the same person can experience this silly paradox of events in their head.

The problem is that the deconstruction of the meaning of gift giving tends to be different between gift givers and gift recipients (even if they are the same person). And, as a gift giver we have a hard time placing ourselves in the shoes of the person for whom we are getting the gift.

Our best bet is to put more effort into understanding the person for whom we are getting something. By considering their passions, interests, hobbies and personality we can turn this ‘gift’ into something special and meaningful. Try to really learn about your loved one, listen to them.

The future posts that will be labeled: Passionate Gifts will try to suggest well researched gifts for specific hobbies, passions and carriers. If you have any requests about what we should include, write us a comment or an email. We would love to hear from you! Good luck with gift hunting!

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