Small space is one of the major drawbacks of renting an apartment. However, if the place will be decorated nicely, it can be a pleasant place to call a home. For decorating the apartment, making best use of the room available should be the first priority. Having enough storage space is another thing to consider since this is one solution for acquiring more space in the room.

Now, when it is about apartment bedroom decorating, there are some ways to save up more floor space and make the area feel roomier than it really is. The following are simple decorating ideas that will help you attain the best result for small bedroom space.

A bedside table is common in bedrooms. But, if your apartment bedroom doesn’t have enough space to accommodate this furniture, you can just hang a wall-mounted shelf on the wall, beside the bed. Place your lamp, picture frame, and other small items that you will normally put on top of your bedside table.

If there’s no space for a nice closet or bureau, opt for the under-the-bed type of storage. You can place clothing or other personal items here. The storage made from plastic is good enough since it is concealed under the bed.• Go for blinds or light colored curtains to cover your window.

If you want to include a television set in your room, rather than adding a TV rack, try the wall mounted TV stand. This will save space and look neat too.

Make sure to provide good lighting fixtures. It is important to keep your bedroom well-illuminated.• To create more bedroom space, choose subtle patterns for the fixtures and furniture. This will make the room brighter while also creating an illusion of space.

Pastel colors for wall paint will make your room brighter aside from making it look bigger.

Add your favorite artworks on the walls but stick to small to medium sized frames.

Scented candles or potpourri will add elegance to the room as well as provide a sweet smell throughout the day.

These tips are simple enough to follow. By applying them for decorating your apartment bedroom, you will have a place where you can relax and experience great comfort even in such a confined space.

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