You’d love to be described as “romantic” by your spouse or significant other. To know just the right words to make his heart flutter, or what romantic gift to give to make her heart melt.Convinced you were born without a romantic side? Well, we’ve got some tips to help you uncover it-and make the most of it-365 days a year. What does it mean to be “romantic” anyway? Officially, the dictionary defines it, in part, as “the expression of tender emotions.” We define it as taking advantage of any and every moment you can to give something thoughtful to the one you love-that’s a truly romantic gift.

Of course, there are the traditional gift-giving occasions, but a “just because” gift can be extra special and really pack a romantic punch. For example, think about hiding an unexpected love note in his briefcase rolled inside a beautiful personalized key ring…or leaving an engraved charm bracelet on her pillow with words from a romantic poem. To think like a true romantic, your secret weapons must be surprise and creativity!

Man or woman, none of us is immune to getting misty-eyed over a fond memory of a first date, or sighing when we hear the song that’s “ours alone.” We humans love to be reminded of favorite romantic moments-something to remember when you’re selecting the perfect gift and the perfect time to give it.

The gift itself might symbolize the moment-like a music box that plays the romantic song you two danced to at your wedding. Or the moment might be remembered in the message you add to the gift. For instance, on the inside of a men’s pocket watch, tell him that “your love is timeless.” Or remind her she’ll “always be wrapped in your love” by embroidering a romantic poem on a beautiful throw.

The bottom line? A truly romantic gift is one that’s thoughtful and deep with meaning.

When it comes to traditional gift-giving occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas, and Valentine’s Day, true romantics are experts at thinking outside the box. They turn to those tried and true secret weapons-surprise and creativity-to transform the same old gift-giving occasion into a memorable event worthy of many warm kisses and hugs. (This immediately eliminates kitchen appliances, electric shavers, and new socks!)

If you really want to make the usual gift-giving occasions UNusual, think luxury, indulgence, and pure enjoyment. For the man in your life, that might include a handsome dress shirt and a pair of elegant cuff linkspersonalized personalized with his initials-something most guys would love, but would never buy for themselves!

For your favorite lady, think jewelry, jewelry, and more jewelry. And instead of wrapping those earrings in a plain gift box, place them on a bed of fresh rose petals inside an engraved trinket box; or wrap up a necklace inside an embroidered scarf tied with a bow. Choosing the right romantic gift is only part of the fun. The true romantic adds his or her deeply intimate touch by personalizing the gift in a special way-and then choosing the perfect time and place to present the gift.

It might mean engraving a few lines from a favorite romantic poem on the back of a heart charm necklace; and then presenting it on a moonlit boat ride. Or etching words of love onto a pair of toasting flutes, and letting the waiter make an elegant presentation at your table, complete with a bottle of champagne. With all that in mind, the beauty of choosing a gift from Things Remembered is that every gift we carry is designed to be personalized-from engraving to embroidering to etching. And that makes Things Rememberedgifts the perfect gift shop for a true romantic like you.

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